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Guardians of the Galaxy for PC will support DLSS, 8K resolution, and ray tracing

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The chatter around Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy continues to pick up as we inch closer to its October launch. Just this last week, Square Enix and the game’s developer, Eidos Montreal/d3t Ltd, showed off how the game will play. The previous two trailers talked about exploration mechanics as well as showcasing each superhero. Today, the development team is delivering on the visual goods, giving a glimpse as to some of the hardware perks PC players will see in Guardians of the Galaxy, ranging from 8K visuals, to DLSS, and ray tracing.

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If you’ve managed to secure a new graphics card within the last year, there are some goodies in store. For Guardians of the Galaxy players on PC, you’ll see resolutions supported up to 8K. This also seems promising optimization-wise if you’ve only got one of them subpar, 4K screens (just joking).


Adding to the list of perks, Guardians of the Galaxy will also support Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). This feature allows NVIDIA-enabled cards to produce higher resolution images with framerates. Although you might not have that 8K monitor, you’ll probably experience fewer hiccups at maxed-out settings on a 4K monitor if you’ve got a beefy GPU. Being that Guardians of the Galaxy will support ray tracing, HDR, and a wide color gamut (allows more realistic colors to be displayed on your device), this is probably a good thing. You can check out all the PC tech in action in the latest trailer below.

GeForce Now enabled

Lastly, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will find additional GeForce Now streaming support. Meaning you can play and stream the game using the NVIDIA digital service outside of your PC. Playing on the service and progressing the game will also transfer over to your main game’s save file.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (and all its 8K glory) releases for PC on October 26. You can check out more information about the game on its Steam page.

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