Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore is single player first-person RPG which is being developed by G3 Studios designed and produced by Guido Henkel of Planescape: Torment, Realms of Arkania Trilogy and Fallout 2 fame.

Still in the early stages of development, G3 Studios are aiming to recreate the good old days of RPG gaming and utilise today’s modern tech to create a rich RPG experience with everything from turn-based combat, eight classes, six races crafting/enchanting, political factions and more.

The team stress that although it may sound like it plays like classics such as Dungeon Master, it is more in-step with the Wizardy games, but with more depth.

Guido Henkel added: “We have completed the character system design at this point and I can tell you that there are enough character attributes and stats to rival the Realms of Arkania games. Well, not exactly, but we’re not too far away from its depth. Our intentions are to push the envelope on what has been done with stepped role-playing games in the past. I feel that there is a huge untapped potential how that gaming experience can be enhanced.”

A website for the game has also just launched today and we’ve been sent the first batch of screenshots. Deathfire: Ruin of Nethermore is due for release some time in 2014.





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