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Against all odds, Guild Wars 2 is getting a third expansion. Announced in a post by GW2 developer ArenaNet, the studio revealed — nay, merely mentioned almost in passing — that we can look forward to a new expansion. Accompanying the announcement was an image, and that image indicates none other than the much-requested continent of Cantha.

Alongside the announcement of a new expansion was the roadmap of the spring, summer, and beyond. Festivals will be happening, followed, of course, by the continuation of the Living World.

Guild Wars 2 expansion (probably) sees us headed to Cantha

Many thought Guild Wars 2 to be on its last legs and would soon enter maintenance mode. With the layoffs from ArenaNet last year and the smaller scope of the Living World, fans saw their game head into a downward spiral. The news of a new expansion, then, dropped like a bomb. Cantha has been requested as a playable area since GW2’s release back in 2012, but ArenaNet repeatedly said that it was not even close to being on the table.

Years later, after we’d seen Elona, Maguuma, and several other formerly closed off parts of the map, fans had given up that we’d ever see Cantha before GW2 finally hit the bucket. There are no further details to be shared yet, with release window or even a development timeline unknown. All we know is that it’s in development. But for many, just knowing that their game is still alive is enough for now. ArenaNet’s communication has been heavily criticized, so this is an excellent start.

Festivals and Living World

When it comes to GW2‘s shorter term, we have a bit more information. On March 17 we’ll finally get to play episodes from Living World season 1 for the first time since they were released back in 2013 and 2014. Following that, we’ll see the Super Adventure Festival return, where we’ll get to play in the ever-popular Super Adventure Box again. Dragon Bash will also see a return in the summer and, alongside the Super Adventure Festival, will feature new rewards.

The Living World is additionally set to continue and will see us head east into the yet-to-be-featured Woodland Cascades. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest where ArenaNet is based, the new area will feature a new PvE map focused on capturing and defending territories similar to WvW.

Of course, we’ll keep a close eye on Guild Wars 2 and its future, so stay tuned to PC Invasion for all updates.

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