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Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion’s Arch incoming – View the Atlas and watch the video

Guild Wars 2

As the Battle for Lion’s Arch heats up in Guild Wars 2 and players try and save the city from Scarlet Briar, the final showdown is almost here.

The next content update is scheduled for a 4 March release and ArenaNet has also revealed an interactive site featuring a “Living World Atlas”. The site illustrates the game’s living world storyline which began more than a year ago covering all the major events and locations. Think of it as a timeline of events displayed on a map of Tryia featuring videos, art, screenshots and audio clips. Also keep an eye out for the new content on the map.  It’s very nicely done and a great recap if you’ve missed any of the events in the past twelve months.

As we head toward that 4 March content update, there’s also a new video enticing players to take back Lion’s Arch from Scarlet Briar and the evil hordes. It’s a bit of a mess in Lion’s Arch as this new video shows.