Following yesterday’s interview with ArenaNet’s Colin Johanesen on Dynamic events in upcoming MMO sequel, Lead Designer Eric Flannum continues to answer questions from the community on the subject. In this second interview topics covered include griefing, event scaling, player choices in events, and the event zones.The more we read about the Dynamic Event system the more ambitous it sounds, but if ArenaNet manage to pull it off effectively it’s going to make for an inteteresting experience. In the interview Eric talks a little about the ‘content types’ how Events slot into the game structure commenting :”We’ve actually gone away from using the term “quest” to describe any of our content. The feeling is that the word has a lot of baggage associated with it. It brings certain expectations and preconceptions that we don’t want players to have in mind when they play our game. That being said, there are no traditional quests in Guild Wars 2. We have three main types of content in the game. First, we have events which we’ve started talking about in some detail. Next we have the personal storyline, which is probably closest to being what players usually think of as a “quest” and yet it’s very different at the same time.”Thanks GuildWars: IncGamers.

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