Guild Wars 2

The Living World expands once again with the launch of this latest Guild Wars 2 update.

Guild Wars 2 players can continue their adventure today with the release of  the Echoes of the Past episode. After a short break, the battle against Mordremoth continues and this the latest content additions now include:

Staging for War

The Pact has set up a staging area in the Silverwastes, a new area in the Maguuma Wastes nearer to Mordremoth’s domain. Players must be on guard when reporting to Camp Resolve to observe Pact efforts as they will be in enemy territory. Mysterious ruins in the area will provide key battleground locations in the ongoing war against Mordremoth’s expanding armies. Players will fight to hold strategic locations, call in Pact allies for aid and take a stand against the growing threat.

 Silverwastes Treasures

While players fight against the Mordrem hordes in the Silverwastes, they will accumulate new Bandit Crests, which can be traded into Pact Vendors for Sinister gear recipes, crafting materials, and more – including pieces of the brand-new Carapace armor set.


ArenaNet is introducing a brand-new set of armor for each weight class exclusively through the Living World and Silverwastes content. Beginning with shoulder armor in episode five, players will be able to collect new pieces of the Carapace armor set in every episode. Not only will players be able to complete the set over time, but as they prove their mastery over the Silverwastes, they’ll find ways to upgrade Carapace armor into the new Luminescent set.

ArenaNet has a page up with bits of wallpaper and other media to accompany the update. I wonder if the players will beat the dastardly Mordremoth? Of course they will.



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