March 30th, 2017

Guild Wars 2 exclusive videos coming all this week

We’ve been hard at ‘work’ playing the Guild Wars 2 beta this past weekend and we’ve captured our progress as we’ve gone in video for you to consume and enjoy.
This week we’ll be releasing videos detailing the MMO’s character creation, dynamic event system, PvP and selected segments from the human races storyline. Why are they exclusive? Because we made them, that’s why. They’re unbiased, honest and what we want to show you.
The human storyline video is already up and ready for your viewing pleasure, so you’ll want to head over and watch it now if MMOs are your cup of tea (or coffee).
Stay tuned as the week continues for more videos and more Guild Wars 2 info.
Finally, for in-depth blogs on the Beta then head to GWOnline where our team have been busy playing all weekend.

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