Guild Wars 2: Fractured Now Live

Amidst all the news about that other MMO, the latest update for Guild Wars 2, called Fracture, went live today. The update focuses on improving the Fractals of the Mists, a special type of never-ending dungeon containing mini-dungeons (fractals) that get more difficult the further you progress. Fracture promises to let players explore “great moments from Tyria’s past” as they take on these dungeons. Included in the update are three new fractals, including two historical events: players can “relive the daring raids on the Molten Alliance facilities” in the Molten Furnace Fractal and “infiltrate the Aetherblade’s old base of villainy” with the Aetherblade Fractal. Two new boss fractals – the Aetherblade captain Mai Trin and the two Molten Alliance champions from the Molten Facility – have also been added, along with a new fractal tonic and new runes and sigils.

Other updates are tweaks on the way Agony Resistance works on items, leaderboards for the Fractals of the Mists, adjustments to the difficulty progression, new rewards for all levels, and changes to the Obsidian Sanctum. Below you can see both the official trailer and the developer preview for Fracture.

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