Guild Wars 2 Introduces The Soul-Stealing Necromancer

ArenaNet has just finished consulting the darkest of tomes under the pale light of a full moon and is now ready to introduce the Necromancer class to the world of Guild Wars 2.
They’re rather spooky fellows, as you might imagine. Death and decay are their bedfellows, souls are their delicious breakfasts and an aura of fear is a constant companion. When Necromancers are cut down in combat they can simply leave their bodies and enter the Death Shroud state, rather than flopping around wetly on the floor. Not that they should be cut down terribly often, as they’re likely to be surrounded by adoring undead minions.
Here at IncGamers we rather like how Guild Wars 2 is shaping up. Have a read of our GamesCom preview for a more detailed look at the game, after you’ve gazed upon the eldritch majesty of the Necromantic images below.

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