Arenanet has updated the Guild Wars 2 Blog today with more Mob race information and this week they take a look at the Skritt.
The Skritt are rather sneaky looking rat-like creatures who by all accounts are not the brightest bunch but still manage to pull on armor and weild weapons. These little guys also increase in intelligence when they come together in groups, but as individuals they are pretty useless. 

Dwelling beneah Tyria, the Skritt did attempt to surface but due to them being pretty thick found it hard to survive. Like rats they breed at an alarming rate which has helped keep their population numbers high, and unless they are kept in check, their numbers could be a threat.
According to ArenaNet, they hadn’t really explored the idea of a ‘hive-mind’ but they didn’t want to resort to the good old insect type race which I think you’ll agree would be rather predicatable.
You can read more about the Skritt over on the official blog.

Paul Younger
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