ArenaNet has posted a lengthy Q&A session with Guild Wars 2’s lead content designer Colin Johanson, focusing specifically on dynamic events.

As we already know, the dynamic events in Guild Wars 2 are sounding rather ambitious, so it’s no surprise that the Guild Wars community had a number of questions to ask. Johanson’s answers expand on how the events will function, cycle and how rewards will be distributed.

Events can apparently even run in parallel and influence one another.Johanson describes this as follows: “One group of players could be escorting a merchant to the town of Beetletun with a shipment of beer from Divinity’s Reach. When they get near Beetletun, the players could discover that Beetletun is currently under attack by centaurs and the players can join in the battle to save the town. Saving the town not only liberates the now grateful citizens, but also allows the beer shipment to reach the now even more grateful citizens! The merchant will set up shop in town and a new beer merchant becomes available for a while, all due to the players completing two events that ended up running in parallel and influencing one another.”

Head over to the Q&A for even more details of how dynamic events will work. In our opinion, they sound as though they’re shaping up rather well.

Paul Younger
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