Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Necromancer Elite Specialization Harbinger

ArenaNet is hosting an Elite Specialization beta event for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons from August 17 to 21. This will give players the chance to try three of the nine (one for each class) Elite Specializations coming to the MMORPG with the next expansion. The latest Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Elite Specialization revealed is the Necromancer class’s Harbinger.

The previous Elite Specialization ArenaNet showed off was the Virtuoso for the Mesmer class. It’s a dagger-wielding mind mage that accumulates mental daggers and unleashes them with Bladesongs.


That necromancer has a gun

We don’t know much about the Harbinger other than the fact that it allows the Necromancer class to wield a pistol. The preview video released by ArenaNet tells us that the pistol will be used as a main-hand weapon. The video also makes it look like the class will be heavily condition-focused, not surprising for a Necromancer.

The trailer also gives us some insight into the new Elite Specialization’s playstyle. The Harbinger is an alchemist who uses elixirs to inflict blight on themselves, which fuels their power. It sounds a lot like a double-edged sword. You inflict pain on yourself, but in return, your power increases. Thankfully, Necromancers in Guild Wars 2 excel at transferring their conditions to foes. The unique mechanic used by the new Necromancer Elite Specialization is called Harbinger’s Shroud.

All you need to take part in the beta and try out the Harbinger from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is an account for the game. You will be able to create adventurers in three Elite Specialization character slots for the duration of the beta. Once the beta is over, you will lose the characters and all progress made with them.

If you don’t have Guild Wars 2 yet, you can still create an account and take part. You can download the game for free and learn more about End of Dragons from the Guild Wars 2 website.

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