Guild Wars 2

These guys seem happy about it.

ArenaNet has spelled out details of a forthcoming patch that will alter the way PvP matchmaking is handled in Guild Wars 2. The update is due on 2 December, and intends to implement an improved algorithm for matching players in combat.

Matchmaking in Guild Wars 2 PvP currently just takes player ratings into account, but after consulting with PvPers the team has put together a new system which “can factor in a number of parameter.” Alongside ratings, future matchmaking will consider other things “such as the largest group size on a team, team composition, players’ accumulated dishonor, and more.”

A lengthier blog post about this new matchmaking system is promised tomorrow (20 November.)

Even the way players enter PvP is being changed with the 2 December update. Rosters are out; replaced by the ability to simply join PvP “with your party.” Confirmation is required from a player before entering a match, and the ‘Dishonor’ system is said to be getting some tweaks to handle poor sportsmanship a little better (no specifics on that just yet, though.)

To test all of this stuff out, Guild Wars 2 will be holding a ‘Ladder Formula Test Season’ from 16 December to 13 January. There are prizes to be won here, as the top 250 players at the end of the season will win a mini llama. A virtual one, I’m assuming. The top 20 will receive a piece of Glorious Hero’s armour, while the top 5 will receive two pieces of the same.

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