Ree Soesbee, the Lore & Continuity Designer for Guild Wars 2, has explained the personal storyline players will experience in the upcoming new MMO. She explains that most MMOs take away that epic character development we get from single-player RPGs, but that in Guild Wars 2, the aim is to make each character feel just as important and evolving. When creating a character, players will be prompted to answer several biography questions alongside the normal customisation options. There are currently around 10 bio questions, all with between three to five answers, and each one will make your character turn out slightly differently, maybe altering event chains later in the game. Each character gets a home instance which will also be affected by the choices they make during creation and events in the game: “Within this home area, things are more personalized to your character. Your home instance never stops updating; as your character becomes more involved in their story, it will alter accordingly. Two norn will quickly differentiate their personal area through choices in the storyline. They will encounter different adventures, make different decisions, and their home will change to match their story.” In fact, characters never stop evolving, “As the game progresses, biography choices and decisions made in the game will shape your character’s future. Every character experiences an interactive, distinct tale. We want you to build a character, not a character sheet.” Read the full article over at the official Guild Wars 2 site.

Paul Younger
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