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There’s a simple answer to the question “what are ArenaNet going to update and change in Guild Wars 2 during the rest of the year?” And that answer is “everything, pretty much.” At least, that’s the impression I got from reading Colin Johanson’s latest and greatest State of the Game blog post.

Bear with me here, because I’ve played Guild Wars 2 for maybe four or five hours at the most. A lot of these details are effectively in a foreign language. MMOease.

Ok, so, the “Living World” stuff the game has been doing should get a lot more in-depth and polished throughout the second half of the year. The reason? Instead of having just one team working on it, that’s been expanded to four. Look forward to “a wider array of content and experiences in each release,” apparently.

Progression. The developers are hoping to avoid the zero-sum trap of adding tier after tier of new gear to the game, so after the Ascended Gear is finished with you’ll be instead unlocking extra skills, traits and rewards for your characters. Here’s what Johanson has to say about that: “The regular addition of skills and traits that you can earn as you play provides us an extremely stable, easily expandable reward system that fits neatly into the pillars of progression and advancement that Guild Wars 2 are all about.”

So what about rewards? Well, they’re planning a system of Champion Rewards, Dungeon Complete Rewards and Crafting Rewards. It’s probably best if you just read his blog post to get the details of these. Sorry, I can’t pretend to be interested in crafting.

World vs World is still a thing, of course. There’s a whole separate post about that aspect here.

Is there more? You bet! There’s a new Looking For Group tool on the way, plus an investigation of how to “limit culling in PvE” which sounds alarming. Plenty to go at for the rest of 2013, then. ArenaNet will be busy.

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