Guild Wars 2 Public Beta is Upcoming, April 27th-29th

So after a long time coming, the general masses will finally be able to get their hands on GW2 in their own homes. Here’s what you need to know about the Beta.

When is it?

April 27th-29th 12PM Noon PDT (Pacific) 3PM EDT (Eastern) to 12AM Midnight PDT 3AM Eastern.

Check here if you live outside of the US for the correct time:…&p1=234&sort=1

How can I get into the Beta?

You can pre-purchase at multiple retailers and directly from ArenaNet, go here for details:

What will be in the Beta?

3 of the 5 races (Human, Norn, Charr) with content up to 25, Personal Story up to level 20, two of the competitive PvP maps, World versus World (WvW) PvP, the Human, Norn, and Charr cities and for the first time ever, Lion’s Arch will be available to the public.

Is there an NDA?

No, there’s no NDA for this Beta so feel free to talk about your experience, stream, record video, and take as many screenshots as you want.

Where can I get the client?

The client SHOULD be sent out to people who pre-purchase on Monday the 23rd, Tuesday the 24th at the latest. Rough estimate for the install size will likely be ~15gb.

What server should I be playing on?

If there’s a server in the list that starts with a G, then go with that, if not then go with the first server that starts with an H and so on.

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