In another backstory/lore post about the forthcoming Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has fleshed out the history of the towering Jotun and given them a rather more tragic history than in the original Guild Wars. Now, rather than just being big guys with clubs, the Jotun used to be a proud, powerful society of giants who lived in the Shiverpeak mountains.
    Unfortunately, they got rather obsessed with blood and racial purity, leading to constant in-fighting and (probably even more devastating) in-breeding. As a result, what remains of the Jotun have forgotten their previous mastery of technology and magic. Maybe there’s some kind of a lesson in that …
    “Now savage, vicious creatures, the Jotun fall upon any traveller they see,” which sounds like a good excuse to avoid them in-game, unless you have the skills to defeat one.
    Read more at the source link below. And don’t forget the big Guild Wars 2 news from this week: that beta sessions will begin from February.
    Source: arena.net

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