US gamers who were rushing to get into this weekend’s beta by snapping up a digital pre-order were in for a shock as they are now “sold out”.
You may be wondering how exactly a digital version can sell out, well they can’t. ArenaNet has taken the pre-orders of the digital versions offline to limit the amount of players that can access the beta this weekend so the servers are not completely whacked.
A statement from community manager Regina Buenaobra was posted on their Facebook page:
“We have sold out of keys for digital distribution in North America. GameStop and Best Buy still have stock available.

We limit sales to ensure we have enough capacity for our customers. We’re likely to have capacity available after the initial crunch at the start of the weekend. Players who purchase when we’re able to resume digital sales at will still be able to play for the remainder of the weekend”
If you’re in Europe you can purchase the digital version still with no problem.
Thanks: GuildWars IncGamers.

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