Guilty Gear Strive Ramlethal reveal trailer

Today on the third day of IGN’s Summer of Gaming, the stream began with a new character reveal trailer for Guilty Gear Strive. Ramlethal, who started as a non-playable boss character in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, and became fully playable in the follow up Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, is joining Strive.

Putting the lethal in Ramlethal

Ramlethal’s design appears basically unchanged since her last appearance in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. This is is interesting, considering most of the other characters in the game, outside of Sol Badguy, have received some sort of design overhaul. Perhaps as Ramlethal is not a legacy character, appearing first only in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, so big changes weren’t necessary. It is interesting though that she is the first “non-legacy” character being added to Strive. This indicates that Arc System Works is willing to put in more recent additions to the Guilty Gear universe.

Once again, Ramlethal uses her giant swords as big sweeping normals that can catch the opponent from long distances. But we don’t get to see any of her special moves outside of launching and recovering her greatswords. The trailer also ends early before we can see her Overdrive.

As exciting and cool as it is to see her back, we don’t get to actually see much of what she can do. Which is disappointing. Her theme also stands out as being jazzier than some of the other characters. Definitely more low-key than some of the other tracks we have heard. Which isn’t a bad thing, the theme does still have some more intense parts, it is just noticeably different.

Guilty Gear Strive Ramlethal reveal trailer

More news coming in August

At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that the next character trailer will drop in August. EVO Online ends on August 2 so it might be a little too early in the month for it to drop there. But it would seem odd for them not to drop it during EVO, considering how strong the relationship between Arc System Works and EVO has been these past few years.

Guilty Gear Strive was delayed earlier this year, and is now slated to release in early 2021 for PC. Until then, Arc System Works plans to release developer blogs entitled “Developer’s Backyard” to share updates, changes, and progress on the game. Based on the first entry, it appears that Arc System Works really is listening to their fans and taking the criticism from the closed beta test to heart.

Guilty Gear Strive Ramlethal reveal trailer

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