Arc System Works releases Guilty Gear Strive starter guide for “Bedman?”

Guilty Gear Strive Bedman? Delilah Character

A few weeks ago, Arc System Works uploaded a new reveal trailer for the third playable character coming to Season Pass 2 in Guilty Gear Strive. That character comes in the form of “Bedman?” and yes, the question mark is supposed to be there. “Bedman?” technically counts as a returning character from Guilty Gear Xrd, except that the actual Bedman died during the events of the story. In Guilty Gear Strive, the robotic bed that gave Bedman his namesake fights independently of him, hence the question mark. Bedman’s sister Delilah also appears to accompany it, but the bed pretty much does all of the actual fighting. To give Guilty Gear Strive players a better idea of how “Bedman?” works, Arc System Works uploaded a nearly five-minute starter guide going over its core abilities.

The starter guide places heavy emphasis on “Bedman’s?” central gimmick, which goes by the name “error 6E.” Whenever “Bedman?” utilizes specific special moves, the bed enters a state in which it automatically triggers a follow-up attack after a set amount of time. Different special moves trigger different kinds of follow-up attacks, including an electric projectile and a chain of explosions.

What else can “Bedman?” do?

Expert players will likely grow accustomed to the timing of these follow-up attacks, but luckily for “Bedman?,” it has the ability to switch up the timing using either “call 0x$0.20” or “call 0x$1.00.” The former move makes the follow-up attacks come out almost immediately, whereas the latter move delays the attacks’ timing by a fair amount. “Bedman?” players will need to keep in mind that getting hit or blocking an attack deactivates the “error 6E” state.

All of these crazy attack names may sound confusing, but that won’t stop Guilty Gear Strive veterans from wanting to try “Bedman?” out. This unconventional character will become available for players to buy exactly a week from now on April 6.

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