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More Way of the Samurai, please.

GungHo Online Entertainment, owner of developers such as Acquire and Grasshopper Manufacture looks to be exploring future Steam releases. As spotted over at NeoGaf, the company has set up a Steam community page where you can read the following statement of intent.

“We’re a multiplatform game publisher known for both mobile and console releases – including Dokuro and Ragnarok Odyssey. Our group companies include Grasshopper Manufacture, Game Arts, Acquire, and Gravity. We’re excited to bring our games to Steam and introduce a whole new audience to GungHo games!”

At the moment GungHo appears to be testing the waters with puzzle-platformer Dokuro, currently in the Greenlight system. It seems weird that a company as sizeable as GungHo would have to use Greenlight, so this is presumably some sort of interest gauging process.

I wouldn’t expect to see every single Grasshopper title suddenly popping up on Steam, especially as their games seem to have differing publishing deals (Shadows of the Damned, for example, was an EA Partners title.) Acquire’s Way of the Samurai series could be a possibility, though I’m not sure how much this would conflict with Ghostlight’s plans to bring Way of the Samurai 4 to Steam already.

Still, it’s nice to see yet more interest in PC gaming from previously unlikely Japanese sources.

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