So, H1Z1 developers SOE immediately got the big question out of the way. Yes, H1Z1 is basically another zombie shooter like DayZ, and they’re going to make it as fun, accessible, and deep as they can.

This comes straight from John Smedley in Reddit, where he took questions from fans. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at other details he revealed about the game:

  • The game will have both 1st and 3rd person, for you to play as you prefer.
  • At least for now, vehicles are available in 3rd person only.
  • The stream is not an accurate depiction of the game world. More items were readily available so that the devs could show off all the features. The final game will make finding items, even cars, hard to do, and so keeping them, and activities like growing your own things, will be way more important.
  • The devs can spawn zombies live in the current build.
  • The game will offer a storage system. If you have a car, you will be able to use that to store things.
  • They don’t have women in the build yet, but they will be added to the game sometime soon.
  • Housing will be free form, with some limits to account for server capacity.
  • SOE is reusing Planetside 2’s anti-hacking and customer support systems for H1Z1.
  • The zombies were made from scientific, and not supernatural means.
  • There will be no currency.

We’ll leave you with that last thought to ponder on for SOE’s latest. You can check out the full thread here.


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