Hacker Arrested For Stealing Game Accounts

A man in the Somerset and Avon area in the UK has been arrested for stealing game accounts to gain access to virtual goods within the MMO, Runescape.

The 23-year-old man fraudulently gained access to hundreds of Runescape accounts, according to the Mail, which can be worth thousands of Pounds. It’s thought that the man obtained the account details by creating a website claiming to be a genuine Runescape site, where players were prompted to enter their login info. Yup, that old chestnut.

Although it is against the game’s rules, Runescape accounts and goods can be sold to other players for  large amounts of money. However, in this case, the hacker appeared to be keeping the stolen goods, accumulated from the 284 accounts he stole, for his own characters.

Over 100 million people play the free to play MMO, RuneScape.

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