Half-Life 2 Artist Adapting French Novel For Screen

Viktor Antonov, the talented chap responsible for the look of City 17 in Half-Life 2 is reportedly now working on a film and videogame tie-in.

According to Gamasutra, the former Half-Life 2 art director is aiming to bring an animated adaptation of the French novel “La Nuit Des Enfants Rois” to the screen.

Written by Bernard Lenteric in 1982, “La Nuit Des Enfants Rois” (which is something like ‘Night Of The Child Kings’ if my terrible French is accurate) is a thriller which apparently tells the story of the “destroying madness of seven teenagers gifted with almost superhuman intelligence.”In English-speaking regions, the book’s title was translated as “The Prodigies” – and Antonov is apparently quite a fan, because he also has plans to co-write a Prodigies graphic novel and tie-in videogame which will serve as a sequel to the film.