Halo 4’s multiplayer mode will add a pseudo-class system to the long running series. Eight different ‘specialisations’ can be selected by your Spartan characters, although their skills will not begin to kick in until you reach level 50. Once level 50 is attained, an additional 10 levels of specialisation can be pursued, during which you’ll unlock bits and pieces of equipment and a specialisation-specific perk.

At launch, two specialisations will be available: Wetworks (a stealth class who can assassinate people faster and obscures ‘Promethian Vision’) and Pioneer (a class that gives you experience boosts).

People who purchase the Limited Edition release of the game will have access to all eight from the start. It’s unclear at this stage how other people will get hold of the Engineer, Tracker, Rogue, Stalker, Pathfinder or Operator, but there’s a suggestion that access may “unlock” at a later date.

What 343 Industries has revealed is that the three DLC map packs that come with the Limited Edition will be available separately, with the purchase of a ‘War Games’ DLC pass. ‘War Games’ will launch with Halo 4 on 6 November and costs $25 USD.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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