The announcement of Halo 5: Forge came a couple of days ago, and there are now some required system specs to go along with that news. Forge is a level creation tool that will also allow PC users to run custom matches with up to 16 players (or share their maps with people on Xbox One).

It’s coming on 8 September and will require Windows 10 (since it’ll use DirectX 12). In fact, it demands that you have the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 installed too. Because this is a Microsoft thing, and they will stop at nothing to get as many people using that as possible.

The rest of the Halo 5: Forge system specs have been compiled into a single image, which you can see below (click to make it larger). They’ve split the hardware requirements into Minimum (just to run the tool in some fashion), Recommended (for 1080p/60fps), and Ultra (4k/60fps).

halo 5 forge system specs


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