Halo Infinite art has classic vibes and teases campaign ahead of reveal

Halo Infinite campaign multiplayer release date december

Microsoft is drumming up the Halo hype now that its big Xbox Games Showcase is nearly ready to air. The latest tweet from the game’s official Twitter released some Halo Infinite art that reveals a satisfying amount of information.

The first and most obvious detail that fans should pick up on is the similarity the image bears to the original cover for the series. It looks like Master Chief will make a return trip to one of the Halo rings in this new story. There will be plenty of battles to be fought on it as well.

Halo Infinite Chief Visor Enemy

Et tu, Brute

Looking closer, several key details emerge about what is rumored to be in the campaign, as well as a returning vehicle. Besides the fact that Master Chief looks much like his Halo 3 self again, the most important takeaway is the reflection in his visor. This close-up shot reveals a large enemy, clearly wielding a gravity hammer. That, everyone, is a Brute, and specifically belongs to the Banished faction introduced in Halo Wars 2.

It’s not so much of a surprise, but rather final proof that the fierce ape-like antagonists are back. The Halo Twitter issued a short teaser trailer at the beginning of the month which featured the Banished, too. The Brute-led Banished faction is headed up by a particularly fierce individual called Atriox, which is a veteran from various Covenant conflicts. It could be Atriox himself in the visor, or one of his lieutenants. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s a look at the villain’s concept art from Halo Wars 2.

Atriox Model Halo infinite art

The Halo Infinite art also reveals at least two other clues about what to expect in the campaign. While the familiar visage of the ring is present, it has clearly suffered immense damage. Several huge sections are amiss, and that could be related to an intentional terrain purge, or a result of battle damage. We know the Ark replaced the original Halo during the events of Halo 3, but the ring was also damaged then. This could be that very same ring, and it looks to be operational once again.

Halo Infinite Wallpaper Ring Damage

This Halo Infinite art finally provides some answers

The next close-up shows a crashed Wasp in the background, which the Chief likely just clambered out of. The reference could be a bit of a joke in itself, as Wasps are infamous for their fragility in Halo 5. Additionally, there is a Forerunner tower nearby, though its purpose is unknown.

Halo Wasp

There has been surprisingly little info on this game since it was shown back in 2018. A few details leaked recently, but even those were minor. Hopefully, all will be explained tomorrow in the Halo Infinite reveal during the Xbox Games Show.

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