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There’s no doubt that Halo Infinite is still a ways away. However, with every passing week, we’re learning more and more about the next entry in the Halo franchise. This week, courtesy of an Ask 343 stream, we learned a lot about the upcoming title, from how it will handle changes in weather to exactly how open its world will be. The standouts though are that Halo Infinite will continue a trend by leaving out dual-wielding and playable Elite characters.

While Halo Infinite will be set entirely on a ring, players can still expect somewhat Earth-like weather. The game will have a full day-night cycle, over the course of which a bit of rain can start to come down or fog can settle in. Larger weather systems, like rain and snowstorms, aren’t planned to be in the game, at least not at launch. However, the day-night cycle will affect gameplay somewhat. If players creep up on a camp at night, they may find more Grunts sleeping instead of guarding.


No Wort Worts allowed

Now, the heyday of Halo was undeniably Halo 3. That title took the franchise to a new level, perfecting the mechanics that were introduced in Halo 2 to create one of the best FPS experiences of all time. Unfortunately, some key features of the title have since been abandoned. Halo 4 and omitted dual-wielding weapons, and it seems Halo Infinite will as well. When asked if dual-wielding would be coming back, Quinn Delhoyo, the game’s lead sandbox designer said “Currently no. That’s not in the cards right now.” However, it seems that Halo Infinite will try to make up for its omission of dual-wielding with an increased emphasis on equipment. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the return of bubble shields, trip mines, and grav lifts from Halo 3.

Likewise, another staple of the Halo golden era will be missing from Halo Infinite. Once again, players won’t be able to play as Elites. The wort wort-ing aliens have been left out of previous games due to narrative purposes, and the same reason seems to be applied here. According to Delhoyo, Halo Infinite will be a “Master Chief story and a Spartan story.” That thought process is being applied to the game’s multiplayer as well, so don’t expect the option to be there either.

The 40-minute long AMA is currently available to watch on YouTube and includes a ton of other interesting tidbits. You can watch it above or find it here.

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