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Halo Infinite multiplayer beta with Season 1 is live now

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Don’t say 343 Industries hasn’t done anything for you recently. During the Xbox 20th anniversary event, the team announced that the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode is live today as a beta. The free-to-play mode includes Season 1 – Heroes of Reach. You can start earning levels, cosmetics, and more, starting now on Steam or Game Pass.

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It began as a rumor last week. People were hinting that something major was going down during the 20th anniversary show, and Halo Infinite was at its core. Was the multiplayer going live ahead of the campaign’s scheduled launch of December 8? It almost sounded too good to be true. This particular rumor had some surprising traction, and many fans were sure they’d be playing it this week. Well, let this stand as evidence that sometimes rumors can carry some serious merit.


The Halo Infinite multiplayer mode is live today as a beta. As mentioned, it will come with everything 343 has been advertising up until this point. Heroes of Reach is the name of the first season, and it will include cosmetics inspired by the Halo Reach prequel. All the armor of Noble Team can be unlocked, equipped, or swapped to make a Spartan of your choice. According to the Xbox team, everything earned will carry over into the full launch on December 8. So, you can go in, slay away, and be confident that all your items will be yours to keep from here on out.

Suit up, Spartans

To celebrate the Halo Infinite multiplayer going into beta today, 343 also released a new trailer. In the Season 1 launch trailer, you’ll be able to see some of the action expected. Never-before-seen maps are on full display, along with some pretty killer cosmetic items. Also, did you spot someone using a Grappleshot to grab a flying rocket launcher? That was honestly pretty sick.

The multiplayer is live today in beta, but the Halo Infinite campaign is still scheduled for December 8

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