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Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer open beta launched yesterday, giving players their first taste of what it’s all about. For the most part, the community has been happy with it. It’s certainly less buggy than its two main competitors, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. However, complaints regarding how slow the Battle Pass is in Halo Infinite have been flooding the game’s official Reddit.

As highlighted by this tongue-in-cheek post from l7arkSpirit, a lot of Halo Infinite players are unhappy with the current battle pass progression. Players are reporting that three or four hours of gameplay is the equivalent of just one level on the battle pass. Given that there are 100 tiers to work through, the potential of this grind seems excessive.


It gets worse

If the Battle Pass in Halo Infinite was slow because of a design oversight, that would be one thing. But as usual, it appears that there are more sinister reasons for this progression model. Players have the option to purchase boosts that considerably speed up progression.

The question has to be asked if the Battle Pass was made slower to encourage players to reach for their credit cards. Of course, Halo Infinite is a free-to-play game, and the developer has the right to make money from its product. Although the model currently used is particularly unrewarding for free-to-play players.

Guys I think there’s something wrong with BP Exp from halo

It isn’t just the negative implications from progression being buyable either. Currently, battle pass progression is only earned by completing challenges. There is no experience given for playing games or performing especially well. Focusing on the daily and weekly challenges makes the Battle Pass progress faster, but it is still fairly slow.

Some players don’t feel as though the current system is rewarding enough. You can dominate a lobby or be at the top of your team and still earn exactly the same experience as someone who didn’t manage to get a kill. Only time will tell if 343 Industries adjusts this system before the game’s full launch on December 8.

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