Halo Infinite pro teams can officially partner for in-game cosmetics

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The Halo franchise has a long history of competitive professional multiplayer. Tournaments date back to the early 2000s during the days of Halo 1 before online play was even a thing. Crazy to think of now, huh? Halo 2 and Halo 3 gave rise to the real competition though, and some pro players are even still around competing today. You can bet these very veterans intend to get into the Halo Infinite HCS Pro Team League as well, and 343 Industries has a new support plan ready to help keep the competition healthy.

Those who wish to support their favorite pro teams will be able to purchase various branded in-game items in Halo Infinite. These items will not only let you rep your team of choice, but also support them with a portion of the proceeds. As for what kind of content you can expect, we can take a look at Halo 5 and the established precedents.


Things like armor weapon skins are certainly going to be up for grabs. Players will likely be able to choose branded nameplates for the menu screens, and possibly more. The Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal trailer contained what appeared to be a wall spray of the Master Chief. We can’t think of a better way to exert map dominance during a tournament than by spraying your team’s logo inside the enemy base. It would definitely cater to the excitement.

Who gets the claim to fame?

Pro teams must be partnered with the franchise to have featured cosmetics in Halo Infinite. 343 Industries has a very particular process for how it chooses teams to partner with, but assures us that rising stars will have a fair shot at getting into the inner circle as well. The developer wants to support a fair, open ecosystem to ensure the long term success of Halo Infinite in the esports scene.

We still don’t know which teams have received official partnerships yet, but the developer intends to put on a flashy announcement sometime this summer when it formally reveals the full program and more information about public testing. Stay tuned for more.

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