Halo Mcc Season 7 Elite Armor Skins Cosmetics

With each passing season, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has only gotten better. More games have been added along with more game modes and cosmetics for each. Currently, it seems like Season 7 for Halo: MCC will be one of its biggest. Besides potentially coming with a custom games browser, Season 7 of Halo: MCC might also be coming with a first for the franchise: new armor for elites and energy sword skins.

A post announcing the new armor for our wort wort-ing friends detailed the multiple armor sets being added. In total there are seven new armor sets for Elites. They are the Keepward, Accord, General, Seneschal, Scion, Ossoona, and Artisan armor sets. You can find a gallery of these new get-ups for Elites down below.


Of course, what is an Elite without their signature weapon, the energy sword. These weapons have retained their classic look across the Halo franchise, an iconic dual-bladed sword made of plasma. That doesn’t mean 343 Industries isn’t open to taking some creative liberties though. Seven new energy sword skins have also been shown off ahead of the launch of Season 7. They are the Evocati’s Edge, Necroplasma, Light of Joori, Kaidon’s Guard, Darkstar, Bloodblade, and Lance of Suban. A gallery of these new weapon skins is right below.

Will Elite armor make it into Halo: MCC 

We can’t confirm that any of these cosmetics will make it into the game. The post from 343 Industries stresses that “it’s important to remember that just because something appears in a flight doesn’t necessarily mean it will ultimately make the cut when it comes to eventually making it into the full game in a future season.” To that end, it’s entirely possible that the new Elite armors and energy sword cosmetics just don’t show up in-game. Anyone that is registered for the Halo Insider program and has access to the game’s latest flight should be able to check out these new cosmetics though, regardless of whether or not they appear later.

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