Following the resurrection and relaunch of Hellgate, new owner Hanbitsoft is reporting the success and popularity of the 30 June beta.
In fact, it sounds as if the open beta was a little too popular. Just over one month after the beta launched, its servers were “saturated” and “hundreds” of people from all around the globe were joining the line every day for a chance to play.
However, Hanbitsoft now says that issue has been addressed and that users should be able to log in with only a minimal wait.
Hanbitsoft CEO Kee Young Kim adds, “Hellgate was a fantastic game, but it was only with the support of all of its fans that we were able to bring it back from the dead”.
The press release also paints a broadly multi-national picture of Hellgate players, with 28% located in Germany, 13% in the United States, 11% in Russia, 9% in Brazil and 7% in Australia.

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