Uppsala, Sweden – August 20, 2012 – Hansoft, the leading vendor of tools for project management and defect tracking for Agile and Lean game and software development, today announced that Japanese Capcom has successfully implemented Hansoft.

“I had a feeling that Hansoft was going to be a good fit for our development environment when it was first implemented, and seeing how fast we were able to deploy it widely after initial trials make me a believer. The features and tools have made it possible to bring clarity and focus to complex development process in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Hansoft’s great features have boosted the management skills of individual staff members, and have greatly contributed to team productivity,” said Toru Arikawa, Manager Project Manager at Capcom.

Hansoft is a project management tool that is fast and easy to implement and use for everyone in the organization: teams get empowered to use their talent and creativity, managers can spend more time on the floor when less time is spent updating tools and executives get the high quality reports, based on real-time data, they need to follow the progress.

“To stay competitive in this industry and keep pushing game development to new levels, one of the biggest challenges is to maximize productivity without killing creativity. This is not easy when you have large, distributed teams, external stakeholders and challenging deadlines. But the ones who manage are the ones who will succeed, and Capcom is a great example of this. I’m glad to hear that Hansoft is helping the studio to boost their development and look forward to see how they will keep up their leading position,” said Patric Palm, Hansoft CEO.

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