We Happy Few Technicolour update released, last one until 2018

We Happy Few Technicolour update released, last one until 2018

Compulsion have today released the Life in Technicolour update for We Happy Few. Though still in Early Access on Steam, the game does now have a final release date; 13 April 2018.

Life in Technicolour will be the final major update (so there could be some small ones) between now and that launch date. It does, though, add quite a lot. There’s a whole video dedicated to summarising the changes, below. Plus a full set of patch notes that can be read over here.

The main highlights are the expansion of Joy states (you can now be in withdrawal, or overdosed) and attendant visual effects, a much expanded stealth system (you’ll now a window in which to get back to ‘conforming’, and NPCs should express why they’re angry at you), and an overhaul of the We Happy Few UI. Inventory, quest logs, and all that.

In addition, the publishing of We Happy Few will now be handled by Gearbox. At launch, the game will be $60 USD. Right now (on Steam) it has 15% off that, making it $51. Evidently, that means the cheaper Early Access price period has now passed. Both the release date trailer and update trailer can be found below.

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