Hard West 2: Flynn guide — Best card skills and loadout

Hard West 2 Flynn Best Card Skills Guide

Flynn is one of your party members in Hard West 2. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and her own abilities imply that there’s more than meets the eye. Here’s our Hard West 2 Flynn guide to help you with the best card skills and weapon loadout for her.

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Hard West 2 Flynn best card skills and weapon loadout guide

Main skill: Shadow Swap – Flynn switches places with any character in her line-of-sight. She and her target will lose 1 HP each. This allows you to get to hard-to-reach areas, move deadly foes further away from teammates, or set them up for Bravado chain kills.

Weapon loadout: Shotguns (main) and Rifles (sub) – Flynn has a couple of card perks related to these weapons. Shotguns are ideal since she can teleport close to hostiles and blast them. Alternatively, if she can teleport to gain the high ground, then rifles would be a good bet for long-range sniping.

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Below, you’ll see the card skills for Flynn in Hard West 2. As usual, having a better poker hand equipped means unlocking all the lower-tier skills.

Skill Requirement Effect
Shadow Swap I Default Switches places with any character in her line-of-sight; both lose 1 HP
Horseback Riding Default Movement bonus and Burning/Crippling resistance when mounted; -25% reduced chance of getting hit
Pocket Full of Chips Loyalty – Ally +25 luck by default when her luck is zero
Dead Draw Loyalty – Friend +1 bullseye damage multiplier when you have Bravado
Stroke of Luck Pair +10% bullseye chance when you have 100 Luck
Shadow Swap II Two Pair Removes the ability’s cooldown; can be used multiple times in a turn
Shotgunner Three of a Kind +1 damage with shotguns
Lightfooted Straight Immune to being Crippled
Shadow Swap III Flush Also applies the Bleeding status on the target
Brawler Full House +5% bullseye chance with shotguns
Rifleman Four of a Kind +1 damage with rifles
I Won’t Die Here Straight Flush Gain the Duelist status at the start of your turn if a party member has fallen
Stay Low-Key Royal Flush Gain Heads Down and stop Burning at the start of your turn
Devil’s Luck Five of a Kind Gain double the amount of Luck from missed shots and being shot at

Card suit and character usage: To have the best card skills for Flynn in Hard West 2, you’ll want to have a Two Pair for the Shadow Swap upgrade. Getting a Three of a Kind is also a decent option for the extra damage with shotguns. Later on, you might want a Full House for extra crit chance with shotguns, or a Straight Flush for the Duelist status (assuming one of your party members has fallen). You probably won’t need her Royal Flush or Five of a Kind perks, so it’s better to prioritize those hands for your other characters until you’ve got a complete deck.

In terms of card suits, Spades are ideal for crit chance with shotguns at close range. Conversely, Diamonds are fine for long-range/high-ground engagements where you’re using a rifle or handgun.

Lastly, Flynn’s Shadow Swap ability in Hard West 2 allows for more tactical flexibility. Some examples include:

  • Bringing an enemy close to Laughing Deer so he can strike that foe in melee for Bravado.
  • Rushing to a group of enemies and swapping with Old Man Bill. He’ll then have line-of-sight for Deadman’s Revenge.

Hard West 2 Flynn Best Card Skills Guide 2

Hard West 2 is available via Steam.

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