Hard West 2: Gin Carter guide — Best card skills and loadout

Hard West 2 Gin Carter Best Card Skills Guide

Your posse in Hard West 2 is led by Gin Carter. He’s unmatched when it comes to dueling with pistols, and he comes with an amazing ability to boot. Here’s our Hard West 2 Gin Carter guide to help you with the best card skills and weapon loadout for him.

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Hard West 2 Gin Carter best card skills and weapon loadout guide

Main skill: Shadow Barrage – Gin fires demonic bullets in a straight line. This can pass through walls, hitting multiple enemies as long as they’re on the same ground level. This is a great ability that can quickly clear multiple foes if they’re positioned nicely on the map.

Weapon loadout: Handguns (main) and Rifles (sub) – A couple of Gin’s card perks improve his damage and bullseye (crit chance) with handguns. There’s also another that increases his damage with rifles. The character is better used when fighting in medium range, only going in close for the Shadow Barrage.

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Below, you’ll see the card skills for Gin Carter in Hard West 2. As usual, having a better poker hand equipped means unlocking all the lower-tier skills. Do note that Gin does not have loyalty perks since he’s the leader of the posse.

Skill Requirement Effect
Shadow Barrage I Default Fires demonic bullets in a straight line; bullets pass through obstacles; deals 6 damage
Horseback Riding Default Movement bonus and Burning/Crippling resistance when mounted; -25% reduced chance of getting hit
Those With Loaded Guns Pair +1 weapon damage when in Bravado status
Lucky Bastard Two Pair +25 Luck when you kill someone
Pistolero Three of a Kind +1 damage when using handguns
Shadow Barrage II Straight Deals 7 damage
Gambler Flush Resistance to Jinx status
Gunslinger Full House +5% bullseye/crit chance when using handguns
Shadow Barrage III Four of a Kind Deals 8 damage; afflicts Burning status
Dances With Bullets Straight Flush Killing someone when not in cover grants the Duelist status
Rifleman Royal Flush +1 damage when using rifles
Shadow Barrage IV Five of a Kind Deals 9 damage; now has 18 range
Check-Raise Five of a Kind +10% bullseye chance when you start the turn with at least half cover

Card suit and character usage: To have the best card skills for Gin Carter in Hard West 2, you’ll want to have a Straight as early as Chapter 1 for the Shadow Barrage upgrade. Much later, you can go with a Flush/Royal Flush for either Diamonds (luck/hit chance) or Spades (bullseye/crit chance).

If possible, you could get the Five of a Kind as well (the 9s and a Joker) for his top-tier perks. This will allow other teammates to still have access to their Royal Flush skills.

Hard West 2 Gin Carter Best Card Skills Guide 2

Hard West 2 is available via Steam.

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