Blackbird Hardspace Shipbreaker To Add Open Shift Mode With No Time Limit (2)

Developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive may have stumbled onto something awesome with Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Placing players in the role of the titular shipbreaker, it is your job to take apart ships, salvage them, and try to make a profit to pay off your debt. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam, and we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen thus far.

However, one of the complaints players have is the game’s time limit. Hardspace limits each work shift to 15 minutes, which could place unwanted pressure on you as you go about your job. To address that, Blackbird has announced a new difficulty option called Open Shift.

Hardspace Shipbreaker To Add Open Shift Mode With No Time Limit (1)

No pressure

Open Shift will remove the time limit for work shifts. Instead of rushing to get things done, players can now take their time and be methodical about their shipbreaking. The shift only ends when they decide to enter their habitat. For those who still want to track their time on the job, the timer will now count up instead of down.

Hardspace‘s new difficulty mode will also make other changes. For one, your space suit will always remain oxygenated unless it gets damaged and has a leak. By removing both the timer and the ever-decreasing oxygen supply, players should find this a much easier experience. Open Shift will no doubt make it much easier to bring new players into the game, too.

This update will also allow for remappable keyboard controls. You can now do this via the configurable .ini file. In the future, the devs will add an actual in-game menu for this feature.

Hardspace Shipbreaker To Add Open Shift Mode With No Time Limit (3)

With Hardspace: Shipbreaker still in Early Access, you can expect even more changes to come to the game. Some players might feel this new mode makes the game too easy, but you can’t say Blackbird Interactive doesn’t listen to its community.

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