CI Games (also known as City Interactive) will be showing a first look at the gameplay from forthcoming RPG Lords of the Fallen at, where else, E3 2013 next week. This will apparently demonstrate some combat mechanics and reveal a little more about the title’s story.

In the meantime, here’s a bit about lead character Karkyn.

Presented with the opportunity to develop Harkyn according to their play style, gamers will be able to customize their character using dozens of abilities across three diverse and unique skill trees. Players will uncover and learn new secrets and abilities that will further shift the tide of battle in their favor. Hated and marked by society, Harkyn is the only one capable of ending the long battle of the Fallen God believers and those that have abandoned him long time ago.

So it’s going to be kind of up to you who the guy is, really. I’m not sure if the shadowy headshot below is the only ‘face’ you can choose for him, but it’s surely one of them. There’ll be more from Lords of the Fallen next week.

Lords of the Fallen

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