Harmonix Teases A New Bass Guitar Peripheral For Rock Band 4

Harmonix has recently posted a new teaser trailer for Rock Band 4 and it seems like we might get a new Bass guitar peripheral.

We all know playing Bass has never been a highlight of playing Rock Band, but Rock Band 3 had a great split strum bar Bass guitar last generation that really took the bass guitar out of the background and threw it into the lime light. Hopefully this new peripheral will be held to the same standards.

Harmonix has also announced today they their licensing deal with Fender has been extended through 2027. CEO Steve Janiak was happy with the new deal, saying

“Naturally Fender has… been the guitar of choice for many Rock Band’s aspiring rock stars dating back to the  series’ introduction in 2007. I’m thrilled that they’ll continue to be a part of Rock Band well into our next decade”.