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Death is a constant and tragic part of human life. But the ones who manage death are overworked, with the amount of morbid events of humankind overwhelming the tired workers of the underworld. The big boss himself, Death, has another mess to clean up now. His employees have run rampant around the underworld, so Death needs to take it upon itself to restore order in this new 2D-roguelike experience. Have a Nice Death is available on Steam on Early Access, and it’s time to clean up some souls.

The Grim Reaper himself must traverse through the dark and randomly generated halls of Death Inc., hacking and slashing through enemies to get things back in order. These enemies, known as Sorrows, consist of the department bosses who’ve gone rogue and violated protocol. Meanwhile, memorable characters around the office, like the pumpkin-headed assistant Pump Quinn, will meet you at every step, sharing the latest gossip or helping you along the way.


Deadly hack and slash

Players will have access to a sizable amount of weapons, spells, and other special skills to straighten things out. And just like any rogue-lite, there are different levels of powers you can obtain for yourself. There are even “Curse” upgrades which can either help or hinder you, like making your subordinates even stronger or “raising the cost of koffee and other items that are vital to your work output.”

You can help Death sort out dirty laundry, as Have a Nice Death is available today for Early Access on Steam. While an official release date is not in sight yet, we do know that the game will also launch with the upcoming Steam Deck console. If you’re interested in sorting out some souls, then you can head on over to the official Steam page and buy into the Early Access for $14.99 USD.

have a nice death steam

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