The latest HAWKEN update is now live bringing a new mech to the multiplayer shooter.

    The new Reaper is a light mech for close quarter combat and sniping and also comes with an “exclusive ability” and a new standard equipped item. Details are as follows:

    • Primary Weapon: AM-SAR
    • Alternate Primary Weapon: Hawkins-RPR
    • Secondary Weapon: KE-Sabot
    • Prestige Weapon: Slug Rifle
    • Ability: Precision Overdrive
    • Starting Item: Detonator
    Weapon Specs
    • The new AM-SAR is a potent anti-materiel weapon. This rapid-fire, single-shot rifle combines high accuracy with speedy reload times. Successive shots will decrease your accuracy, but recovery time is very quick.
    • The KE-Sabot is a new mid-range sniper rifle with zoom optics. Press the middle mouse button to zoom in on your enemies from afar. Zoom increases damage as well as precision.
    • Nicknamed “The Ripper”, the Hawkins-RPR fuses together two sawed-off cannons that are highly-modified to produce rapid fire, close-range carnage. The Ripper is brand new and only available on the Reaper as a free level four unlock.
    • The Slug Rifle, retrofitted from the Sharpshooter, is highly-accurate at long range, and makes a great complement to the KE-Sabot for pure sniping missions. It is available on the Reaper as a level 25 unlock.

    Ability and Item Specs

    • Precision Overdrive greatly increases your accuracy for a short period of time.

    • The Detonator comes standard on the Reaper, giving this light sniper a little extra oomph from afar or even when caught out in the open. Deploy this slow-moving explosive charge and it will fly straight and true until detonated. Simply press the firing mechanism again to detonate and deal damage in a massive radius.

    A stack of bug fixes have also been applied to the game to coincide with the roll-out of the new mech.

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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