fifa 15 eden hazard

Eden Hazard, fresh from a slightly rubbish World Cup performance with Belgium.

Exciting news about FIFA 15 box art, right here. Perennial poster boy Lionel Messi will be joined by Chelsea and Belgium’s Eden Hazard on the FIFA 15 box in the UK, Ireland, Belgium (obviously,) Holland and France. They’ll have to jostle each other a bit to make space.

This isn’t exactly huge news for the PC crowd, since the last time most of us saw actual boxes was probably during an accidental visit to GAME during a confused Christmas shopping spree circa 2002, but I guess we’ll still see a little picture of Eden Hazard in our Origin libraries. Or Clint Dempsey, or whoever else happens to be showing up on the FIFA 15 box in your region.

Hazard is super excited to be on the cover and definitely isn’t giving the usual auto-cue “the boys done good” quote when he says “I have played FIFA all of my life.” Really, Eden? Even back in the early 90s, when they were crap? Did you suffer through FIFA ’94 like the rest of us Eden? DID YOU?

Maybe he did, I don’t know.

EA Sports only provided an image of the Xbox One box art, but luckily I have the incredible design skills necessary to mock up what the PC version may look like. I may also have made up something about a special Mario Balotelli edition.


I’d buy it.


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