hazard ops ancient evil

    The pro-celebrity undead pull-ups championship was going well.

    Exploring ancient Egyptian tombs is rarely a wise idea, as Hazard Ops proves in this latest update. The ‘Ancient Evil’ release adds seven new maps, including a pair from disparate parts of the globe to the game’s closed beta testing.

    Land of the Dead takes you to Egyptian desert ruins, populated by “godlike beings and undead nightmares” and plenty of opportunities to make cheesy jokes about your mummy. Meanwhile, Killville is a quaint village in the “distant East” which becomes less quaint when off-duty mercenaries show up there to relax. Relax, in this case, seems to mean shooting the place up. The town council have to be regretting the name ‘Killville’ at this point.

    Apparently in this update you’ll also be able to take part in something called Beast Mode, letting you play on the side of the demon army.

    Paul took a look at the Hazard Ops beta, which you can read about over in this direction. If any of that sounds appealing, or if you’re just a collector of beta keys, we have a few remaining in our giveaway.

    Here’s a video featuring some tomb-bothering.

    Peter Parrish

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