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It’s what the people wanted to see.

After many long and difficult days without rocket firing dinosaurs, Hazard Ops finally does the decent thing and puts them in the game. I mean it’s about time, right? Today’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ update is enough to make Jeff Goldblum weep.

Details of the latest additions to this free-to-play shooter can be read here. It might ask you where you live, because for some bizarre reason this game goes by the much worse name Zombies Monsters Robots in the US. Nobody seems to know why, but to reach the Hazard Ops branded site you have to pretend to be (or actually be) in Europe.

The game also has an official release date now: 26 August. It’s kind of hard to tell what release dates mean for these free-to-play games that add stuff all the way through beta and then keep adding stuff once they’re “released,” but that’s the date Hazard Ops has selected.

Here’s what Welcome to the Jungle will bring to the game:

  • Primeval Ops” is a new PvE campaign that will pit you against dinosaurs on the map Dragon’s Valley.
  • Head Hunter” is a new PvP mode available on several maps that might cause a major headache if you’re not very careful.
  • New weapons & equipment for you to choose from
  • New missions for you to complete for cool rewards
  • New Maps:
    • Cadaverous Isle
    • Dragon’s Valley
    • Shell Beach
    • End of the Line
    • Cloud Villa
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