Head of CCP apologises to EVE players

In a lengthy mea culpa, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the CEO of Eve Online developers CCP, has apologised for the way recent additions to the game have been handled.
The introduction of paid-for vanity items caused so much alarm amongst Eve players that it prompted a meeting between senior producer Arnar Gylfason and a player-elected council body.
“Somewhere along the way, I began taking success for granted,” Pétursson writes. “As hubris set in, I became less inclined to listen to pleas for caution. Red flags raised by very smart people both at CCP and in the community went unheeded because of my stubborn refusal to allow adversity to gain purchase on our plans.”
“I was wrong and I admit it.”
He goes on to explain that the ‘Captain’s Quarters’ feature was rushed out in a prototype state and expresses regrets about how the not-so-micro-transactions were introduced (though not the introduction itself).
“From now on, CCP will focus on doing what we say and saying what we do. That is the path to restoring trust and moving forward.”
Source: eveonline.com