Hearthstone announces new mini-set, Audiopocalypse

Hearthstone Audiopocalypse Mini Set Featured Image

Blizzard has just announced Audiopocalypse, the latest mini-set for Hearthstone, via its official website. Following in the footsteps of mini-sets past, it will focus on expanding the themes covered by the previous full expansion, Festival of Legends, introducing a small suite of new cards to tide players over till the next expansion hits.

Audiopocalypse is Hearthstone’s next mini-set

As is the norm for mini-sets in Hearthstone, players won’t have to wait long between today’s announcement and the full release. Audiopocalypse will be released on Wednesday, May 31, or six days from today. This is unusual, since Hearthstone expansions tend to release on Tuesdays, but it still means that players will be getting their hands on the new cards it contains within a week.

Speaking of the cards, Audiopocalypse will feature 38 brand-new ones, broken down as follows: four legendary cards, one epic card, 17 rare cards, and 16 common cards. These cards will develop the harmonious/dissonant cards featured in Festival of Legends with ‘Remixed’ cards, which shift between forms each turn they’re in your hand. It will also include dual-class cards, returning for the first time since their debut in 2020’s Scholomance Academy.

Hearthstone Audiopocalypse Mini Set Preview Cards

Three cards were revealed alongside the announcement. These include Remixed Tuning Fork, a Warrior weapon with four different modes; Abyssal Bassist, a dual-class Warrior/Demon Hunter minion that receives a mana discount for each weapon you play; and Through the Fel and Flames, a zero-mana spell as aggressive as its namesake song. Further reveals will take place every day in the run-up to release, with a full reveal calendar available on Hearthstone’s official card library page.

Audiopocalypse will, as is always the case for mini-sets, be available as a complete package for $14.99, or 2000 in-game Gold. Alternatively, an all-Golden version of the set will be available for $69.99, or 10,000 Gold. It’s worth noting that the all-Golden version will also include a “bonus Diamond legendary” card, though which card this is exactly remains unrevealed. For those who don’t wish to purchase the entire mini-set at once, the cards it contains will also be available to open in packs of Festival of Legends once the mini-set has been released.

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