Hearthstone Debuts First Ever Darkmoon Races Mini Set With 35 New Cards (1)

In modern gaming, players are no doubt familiar with additional content. Be it a substantial expansion or a free piece of DLC as goodwill, games are getting even more longevity as developers look to add value to the consumers. Blizzard is doing the same for Hearthstone, but in a different way this time around. Details of the first-ever Hearthstone Darkmoon Races mini-set have now been revealed.

The mini-set is considered an addition to the current Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion. It will bring with it 35 new cards to add to the mix. If you are looking forward to spicing up your decks, the wait is not that long. This new Darkmoon Races Hearthstone mini-set will launch on January 21. In order to add these new cards to your collection, just go about one of the two different ways.


The most straightforward option is to just purchase the entire set. This will give you two copies of each common, rare, and epic card. You will also get one of each of the legendary cards, of which there are four total. This will set players back $15 USD, or 2,000 gold until May 11. Otherwise, the alternative is to get them as random drops in card packs. With Hearthstone‘s duplication measures, the more previous Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cards you have, the sooner the new ones will drop for you.

Hearthstone Debuts First Ever Darkmoon Races Mini Set With 35 New Cards (2)

Old and new

The new Darkmoon Races Hearthstone mini-set will bring back certain mechanics that should be familiar to players. Previous expansions introduced mechanics like Spellburst and the dual-class cards. This new set will add them back into the rotation.

Having more cards is expected for a game like Hearthstone, but this latest addition comes at either the most inconvenient or most opportune time. The community has been torn about the cost of the game as a whole due to the new season pass, and this will surely invite more discussion. Thankfully, it appears that the Hearthstone mini-set offers good value for the money or in-game currency.

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