Back in July, Blizzard announced The Grand Tournament, an expansion to the popular card game, Hearthstone. Today, Blizzard revealed that The Grand Tournament will be released on August 24th. Along with the addition of 132 new cards and a new board, the expansion will include:

  • Jousting
    • When a jousting card is played, each player pulls a minion card from their deck, and the minion with the higher mana cost wins, leading to benefits for the winning player.
  • Inspire
    • After using your Hero Power, any friendly minions with the “Inspire” keyword will activate using their Inspire effect which can include stat gains, attracting additional allies to your cause, and more.
  • Arena Award Update
    • The Arena will have the chance to reward players with not just Goblins vs Gnomes card packs, but Grand Tournament card packs or Classic card packs as well.

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament will be available in the Americas and Europe August 24th, and Asia August 25th on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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