July 8th, 2017

In Heat: Payday 2’s Armored Transport DLC out tomorrow

Payday 2 Armored Transport - 06

Payday 2‘s Armored Transport DLC is due out tomorrow. If you fancy robbing some armored trucks, this one’s for you.

This DLC offers five new one-day heists set around some of the older maps, all of which are about taking down armored trucks. You might opt for the classic Heat method of ramming the truck with a bigger truck. You might rig up a skybridge to explode on top of it. You might have a sniper take out the lead driver, forcing them to stop. You might… well, you can take a look at the five different heists and their setups over here. Any valuables you find are yours, but Bain is looking for something special that might lead to a “big out-of-town score that Bain’s been talking about.” Hmmm.

Happily, this won’t be splitting up the community, as only one person has to have the DLC for their friends to hop in and play the heists. On the downside, there’s a load of new gear included with the DLC – some president-themed masks being the most amusing, but there are a few new weapons included too –  and you do have to own it to get your greedy mitts on that.

Screenshots and trailer below. In case you haven’t tried it, I should note that we quite liked Payday 2 when we played it.

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